Sunday, July 10, 2011

Roughing It Reaps Rewards

I felt like I was on the edge of glory when I was driving to Waterton for my camping weekend by a lake.  I was so excited for the experience!   I had a good night sleep, woke early, was raring to go so just packed the car and hit the road by 6:30am.  I follow a fellow's stories and photos and he had been there the previous weekend and said you can have the place to yourself if you get there early.  

My first stop was Bear's Hump! Here I am sitting on it and owning it!  I cased out the townsite campground far below me looking to see where my reserved site might be.  Check in time wasn't until 2:00pm so I had loads of hours to fill.
I drove up the Akamina Parkway to Cameron Lake and couldn't own the wharf until the Manitoba Chapter of Hell's Angels finished doing their thing on it.  Then it was mine turn to do my thing! I did it, then hiked along the Lake a short bit until I found a nice spot to relax, enjoy the view and have an early lunch.
I had another lake to visit which I had never been to before.  Linnet Lake had a short hike around it which gives a great view of the entrance side of The Prince of Wales Hotel.  I could have just hiked over the hill to the Hotel but I drove there instead.
Every time I have been up on that hill at the Prince of Wales Hotel, it has been windy and today was no exception.  The wind even made my pig tales curl up.  This was my last stop before parking my car for the balance of the trip.
It was shortly before 2:00 so I found my way to the townsite campground, checked in and then set up my site.  The view out my front flap was of Crandell Mountain.  I had a few trees to one side which helped block the wind, thank goodness.   I strolled around the grounds to locate all the facilities then went walking for a couple of hours along the lake trail and campground trail.  I was loving where I was and what I was seeing!  I was now in the glory that I felt I was on the edge of on the drive from Calgary.
After the long walk, I lounged on my red chair and savoured a Grizzly Paw RED before making dinner.  During dinner Cate the Park Warden came by and invited me to her show that night.  I needed to pass some time before sunset so popped in for the 45 minute presentation.
My main reason for camping in Waterton was to be by a lake for sunset and sunrise.  The sun began to set and the scenery looked amazing.  I was so happy that my weekend was turning out to be what I had hoped for. 
I watched as Vimy Peak changed colors right before my eyes.  
I liked how the color of the Peak reflected in the Lake.
Part of Cate's talk was about the magic of the night sky and how dark it gets in Waterton which makes for great star gazing and suggested we take some time to view this for ourselves.  I went to bed thinking if I wake up then I will gaze out and sure enough I woke, looked out my front flap and saw one of the most beautiful night skies I have ever seen.  I wished I had a camera that could capture it but I don't.  I enjoyed the view for a little while then went back to sleep in anticipation of a wonderful sunrise.  How wonderful is this...
...and this!  
I enjoyed the sunrise, then enjoyed my coffee, then enjoyed my breakfast then enjoyed another stroll along Waterton Lake while most others were still sleeping.
The February photo shows how Waterton's main street looks like a ghost town in the dead of winter.  What a difference five months makes.   I think both photos are beautiful in their own way.  
I made my way back to the campground and packed up my gear in preparation for the trip back home.  :-(    I already knew before even leaving the grounds, that I wanted to come back one day.  Just outside of the Park Gate is another viewing area that I had never been to so paid a visit this time.  It's a wetland area full of wildflowers, butterflies, birds and bees.
The scenery for the drive home was beautiful!
I had the radio on listening to music for company as I was heading home, but it wasn't enough, I ended up talking to myself!
My camping gear isn't too far away from my front door right now.  
I'm already excited for my next trip in a couple of weeks. 

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  1. Love looking at all these pics! You are so brave :)


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