Saturday, November 28, 2009

When You Gotta Go.... just gotta go!  That was how I felt today and as I headed out the door I had no idea where I was going to end up or what I would see!  It depended on the road conditions after yesterday's nasty surprise and what a nice surprise today turned into!  I headed west and this is where I ended up and this is what I saw! I had lots of time to seek out the unusual and funny and amazing and beautiful!  What a great time of year to find icy things!  Like
Golden Nuggets


Ice Dragon

I drove down Highway 40 (the saying is "life begins at Highway 40") and stopped at Wedge Pond, Mount Lorette Ponds, Barrier Lake and Ribbon Creek.  What a great time of year to see any kind of body of water.  Like
Barrier Lake

Ribbon Creek

Wedge Pond

After a couple of hours of trying to play professional photographer, I settled down for a picnic and tea time along side Ribbon Creek. I had no intentions of thermos/attire matching, it just happened.  I had the Creek to myself and lavished in the sun, sipping raspberry tea and savouring a blueberry scone, garden vegetable Havarti cheese, mixed veggies, buffalo wing flattened pretzels and of course to top it off, a two bite brownie.

With the sun shining and cooler temperatures in the mountains, this is a great time of year for  vibrant colors.  Like
Green Colored Rocks

Bold Green Ripples

Green Reflections and Swirls

What is a day in K-Country without seeing some kind of waterfall.  My last stop was O'Shaughnessy Falls.

These are just a sampling of the over 200 photos I came away with, and of the 50 or so which I kept.

You don't have to be up high to get that special feeling.  Today involved no elevation, I remained at road level but yet by taking the time to stop and smell the roses, I felt like I was "on top of the world!"

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  1. Fantastic photographs! You don't have to 'play' at being a professional photographer...


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