Friday, July 10, 2009

From Pancakes, to Gargoyles to Lending a Hand

The "Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth", The Calgary Stampede is winding down this weekend. That means an end to the pancake breakfasts, which isn't necessarily a bad thing! While Stampede is winding down, my weekend is starting up! It kicks off tomorrow with hiking what is considered one of the most difficult hikes in Banff National Park. Cory Pass, Mount Edith, Gargoyles has been called an athletic, punishing endeavour. I think accomplishing this one could definitely label you as being hard core!
My opportunity to lend a helping hand back to the running community kicks off on Sunday morning. I am volunteering at the Robert Hamilton Memorial Road Race. I'll get to catch up with Karen again as she organizers all us volunteers.

Stayed tuned for what I hope will be positive, successful outcomes!

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  1. ok wow, I have not been by in awhile but I ran though and looked at the photos quickly.. I will come back and read more when its not so close to bed time..




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