Sunday, June 7, 2009

It's Raspberry Season

Raspberry Season to you probably means something totally different than it means to me! I say it's time to try and reach the Raspberry Fire Lookout on top of Raspberry Ridge. The raspberry marks our destination! My prayer to the weather Goddess for no snow didn't quite reach her, but there wasn't enough to hold us back this time, like there was on February 14th when we failed in our attempt to summit. I know I am sick and tired of snow, and I have a right to be, geesh it's June but the scenery was spectacular. New snow always looks stunning on the mountains.

We had a distance in mind of what today's hike should amount to but that was if we were to take the longer route which involved switchbacks and would make for a more gentler trek. With a rather nice and clear path, clouds looming overhead and strong hikers, we opted for the more direct route. What's that saying "the shortest distance between two points is a straight line"! Well, we went for the straight line up the mountain to the top. If you click on the photo below and look at the bottom left, you will see what is at the top.

When the sun was out, it got very warm. The hard work climbing didn't help much either to stay cool. It came down to one layer on and three layers in my pack. That only lasted for the climb, the top was windy and cold. The Outlook was in operation and we had a lengthy chat with the lady who was manning (or should I say womaning) it for six months.

I made sure I got my summit shot before settling down on the helicopter pad to dine. The snow started to fall while we were here and the temperature dropped. Lunch was quicker than I had hoped for. I spent more time taking pictures then I did eating. Although I felt hungry I didn't have time for that to be a priority to satisfy. I enjoyed the other kind of feast, the feast for the eyes!

We saw icicles hanging on trees! I like the inukshuks! They came in all shapes and sizes. The wild flowers are trying to survive. I'm sure they are wondering what's with the weather. They looked so pretty peaking through the snow.

Four hours later and approximtely 9.5 kms, we landed back at the trailhead. I was happy to have survived and realized that I have made a full recovery from running the marathon just a week ago.

On the drive home we were hoping to find a place to stop for a snack and hot drink. When we reached Black Diamond we saw a place to stop, coming by way of recommendation from one of the crew, and it was called nothing other than "The Stop"! We took over the patio and caught some rays for awhile.

It felt great to get to the mountains as usual. These hikes never cease to satisfy the soul and it's always a joy being in the company of fun folks. I'm already looking forward to escaping again next week!


  1. Wow - impressive! Yes, raspberry season means something totally different to me - and it has noting to do with snow... For us it is the raspberry bushes in the back yard which are always at the peak of ripeness when my youngest son's birthday rolls around at the end of June...which means some kind of cake or sweet treat with fresh raspberries! Glad you recovered from the marathon!


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