Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Running Transcends a place in my mind where a flurry of creativity and craftiness never ends!

After reading
Nikki’s posts related to her craftiness with card making, I thought I would like to share another of my interests which happens to be scrapbooking! My scrapbooking is running related as you can see. These are just a few of my many pages. Lots of pages include photos of friends who wish to remain anonymous in the blogging world. Some pages are just random about funny running things. I wrote two poems that are a part of my scrapbook (I may share those one day). The race pages show a copy of the entry form, a photo or two, my results, a few stickers and other odds and ends. I am even able to find, at times, sheets of paper suited to a specific race.

Okanagan Half Marathon
(where the wine tasting was just as important as the race)

Canmore Half Marathon

(in the mountains with the wildlife)

Jingle Bell Run for Arthritis

(always important to get a foot photo each year we did this run)

The Thrill of Victory

(the agony of the feet)

Stampede Marathon

(my very first marathon)

Calgary Police Half Marathon

(I had to include a uniform :-)

Victoria Times Colonist 10km

(such a fun run that I would like to do again)

Cochrane Footstock

(such a fun race in the foothills)


  1. These are great! I wish I had the attention span long enough to put whole pages together, ha ha. It must be so nice to look through your books and remember each event. LOVE the wine-inspired paper!

  2. Love your pages, I am going to have to send my sister to your blog to check them out, she is an avid scrapbooker and runner, too!

  3. Those are wonderful scrapbook pages!
    Next you will have to show your other hobby, hanging on your walls!!!

  4. Wow this is so cool!!! You're very talented and what a great way to remember your races.


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