Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Runner’s Rainy Run

In shirt, shorts, sneakers (old ones), sunglasses I step out my front door, squint my eyes behind my shades, the sun is shining!

Two minutes into my run, a gust of wind surrounds me, black clouds appear in the blink of an eye and, just like that, a few droplets turn to a down pour. The rain keeps pace with me all the way to my turn around point and even turns around with me and accompanies me on my run home.

With my shades in hand, I bow my head so I can see where I’m heading. My sneakers now squishing, my wicking cloths can wick no more, I struggle to get this run over with, to get home to dry out.

Two minutes before the end of my run, a gust of wind surrounds me, black clouds disappear in the blink of an eye, and just like that, the down pour turns to a few droplets. In soaked shorts, shirt and sneakers, I arrive at the step to my front door, squinting my eyes, the sun is shining!

That was today’s run! It’s Calgary! What can you expect!

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