Saturday, January 26, 2008

Fork in the Road

What did you do Saturday? Oh....we snowshoed all the way to Banff, had lunch there and went for a Starbucks coffee then snowshoed all the way back!

The plan wasn’t to end up where we did, our destination was Karst Springs. Our quest was unconquered because when we came to the fork in the road, we choose the high road instead of the low road. Our destination remains undetermined because of the lack of any kind of signage that would tell us how far we went and where we exactly ended up. We made guesstimates!

O.K.! O.K.! I embellished a tad on snowshoeing all the way to Banff, having Starbucks coffee and lunch. The high road took us down a path (certainly not a garden path) that crossed the border from Spray Valley Provincial Park into Banff National Park. This path was full of rolling hills, dips, inclines and one big long decline, no word of a lie, was a kilometer itself. A couple of clicks after crossing the border, we set up lunch camp in a sheltered, open, flat area with a view of Mount Smuts directly in front of us at the end of a snow covered alpine meadow. We did have lunch and our coffee was better than Starbucks coffee but was from a Starbucks thermos.

Once the overcast lifted and the winds died down, we were afforded an absolutely beautiful view to feast our eyes upon. And to think, there are some that have no idea this even exists! What a shame! The high road was the road less traveled. Sometimes when you go where others have not, the experience can be ten fold. It was for us! Our mistake was our gain!

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