Sunday, August 28, 2005

Buller Pass August 28, 2005

Documenting Days Gone By
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information is from what I wrote in a journal

Buller Pass
 August 28, 2005  Sunday
Me,  D.

13 km round trip
670 m elevation
9:30am - 4:30pm
This was a great day!  We started around 9:30, it was a little fresh but warmed up nicely and soon  We stopped a couple of times for a snack on the way up.  As we got near the scree ready for the climb it was cool and very very windy.  At the top we stopped for lunch for 30 minutes or so.  We had a beautiful view of Ribbon Valley and Ribbon Lake.  On the way back we stopped and rested for 30 minutes in an open area.

Looking back:  It was my turn to drive this day and we took the 742 up from Canmore. The drive to the trail head was fine but on the drive home on the 742 I hit a big pot hole and cracked the catalytic converted on my car.  This was an expensive hike!  I liked orange back then but little did I know how much.

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