Saturday, February 12, 2005

Chester Lake February 12, 2005

Documenting Days Gone By
photos are scanned from prints
information is from what I wrote in a journal

Chester  Lake
 February 12, 2005 - Saturday
Me,  J Her

6.0 km round trip
310 m elevation
10:00am - 2:00pm

What a beautiful day!  The snowshoe up felt easier than when J Him and I did it.  It was clear blue sky the whole time.  There were more people also.  We had lunch at the Lake, sat in the sun for awhile.  No wind at all but it felt cool.  On the way back the wind picked up a bit but it was still beautiful.

Looking back:  During these early years of when snowshoeing was not quite sexy, there were not many options of places to go.  Many trips were made to Chester and Rawson.  Ooops - I did take my snowshoes off again at lunch time after thinking I learned a lesson at Chester just a couple of weeks prior.    

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