Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Buller Pass August 13, 2003

Documenting Days Gone By
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Buller Pass
 August 13, 2003 - Wednesday
Me,  Y.

7.2 km one way
11:30am - 5:00pm
Sunny +29C
Moderate to Challenging 

What a great hike - once we got started.  We got a little lost and spent more time driving.  Not a busy hike. Saw about 8 people.  Last part on the way there was on scree, steep uphill, windy, very cold but so beautiful.  Looked down onto Ribbon Lake.

Looking back:  Those are Merrell hiking shoes I have been wearing.  There was no thought or even concern given to ankle support.  At this time in my hiking life, I did not know about gaiters for keeping rocks and snow out of your shoes.  I see I am getting ready to throw a snowball!  I embraced hiking in snow early on.    

lunch view with Ribbon Lake down below
along the trail
looking back down at the trail we hiked along

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