Thursday, June 25, 2020

The Whistlers June 25, 2020

Late yesterday afternoon when I checked and saw that today's weather was forecasted to be ideal I then checked the Jasper Skytram situation.  There was one spot available for the early ride so I grabbed it. When I woke this morning and saw a pretty start to the day, I was excited!

The Skytram location is a hop, skip and a jump out my front door.  I can actually see the top station from my verandah.  The tram is running at 50% capacity, the rules are strict and are monitored closely.  Donning my mask, getting my temperature checked, sanitizing my hands, it was now boarding time and I was guided to where I was to stand on the tram.  I had more than enough room around me.  

Once I stepped off the skytram I aimed for the summit trail and went for it, straight up, and up and up.  I saw there was a snow slope to traverse to get to the true summit.  As I approached it and saw it was at a very low angle I began the traverse.  I was the first on the summit of The Whistlers today. Only a few others ventured this far, most stayed at the false summit.

After taking care of all the summit business, I trekked back down across the snow slope and checked out the false summit surroundings.  What a fun place to play!  From here I took the winding sightseeing trail back down to the skytram to catch the ride to the bottom.

The conditions were ideal today for riding the skytram and being on the summit of The Whistlers.  You could see forever in all directions.  Mount Robson was visible the entire time.  Clouds floated in and out creating great photo opportunities.  I said before this is a land of lakes and I could see dozens of them from on top, along with the Athabasca and Miette Rivers, the Townsite of Jasper and everything else beyond.  

This was an experience I will treasure!


  1. Sensational1
    And this is summer? I love it!

    1. Still lots of snow out there in the mountains!

  2. Thank you for sharing the experience with the Jasper Skytram. We intend to do this in two weeks.

    1. I hope you have great weather also when you ride the tram! The views are spectacular at the top!


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