Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Jasper Sights on a Rainy Day June 24, 2020

The weather forecast was not favourable to be user friendly for today.  It was time to pull out my skills to perform a "save the day".  No matter what, nothing was to stop me from having my coffee on the verandah and going for a short stroll along the path by the Athabasca River for sunrise.  

The mountain peaks peeked through off and on all day.  It rained, it misted, it sprinkled, it showered off and on all day.  With this weather I felt off and on all day!  It seemed to get a prettier shade of green as the day went on with all the dampness.  Even though it was dull, reflections were still afforded at the Lakes I checked out.  This is a land of lakes and I visited three of them, Pyramid, Patricia and Annette.

Th downtown Jasper stroll was quiet. Cafes seemed to be doing OK. I made an investment at one of them.  A few hours later I felt I saved the day and it was now cabin time for reading, sketching, sipping, napping.  By later evening the sky cleared and that meant verandah time, listening to the birds sing, hearing the Athabasca River run, and seeing those Whistlers once again looking all mountainy!  

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