Sunday, June 14, 2020

Finding Ways to Fill a Few Hours

When I looked out my upstairs window on Saturday morning I saw a beautiful sky developing.  I decided to get going out the door then down across the road to enjoy a couple of hours of early morning city peace in the park.  The sun just came up and created great colors.  No one else had arrived yet, they know not what they are missing at Nose Creek!   
The Birth Forest is lovely & lush and so full. 
I strolled through it before heading down hill to meander along the creekside.  
The birds were awake and the wildflowers plentiful.  The sights of the forest and ground cover growths, the sounds of the birds, the aroma of the flowers all pair nicely with a cup of coffee to waken the senses. As time passes others begin to arrive.  I am beginning to recognize those that frequent the trails here on a regular basis like me and it's nice to share our sightings.  As the days and weeks progress, the wildflower show will become quite a performance and I look forward to that.  

I painted two big rocks for a friend to put in the gardens in her area.  These bring me joy to paint and take me to a place in my mind that I cannot help but smile.  I am learning lots about color pencil sketching. I followed tutorials on shading, night light, waterfalls and reflections.   My waterfalls need loads of work so will keep those to myself for now. As I look at these four photos, I see a trend taking place, of get-aways, to places!  When the time feels right, I will head there.....   

.....for now I am thankful for what I have out my front & back door!


  1. They say retirement is a tough gig, but you are have learnt how to make the most of it.
    Beautiful morning walk and creativity.

  2. You are truly an inspiration at how to enjoy retirement! Love your creations. ❤


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