Friday, December 6, 2019

Prairie Mountain December 6, 2019

It took so much self talk to first get out the door this morning and second to get out of my car at the gate on route 66 across from Elbow Falls.  It's no fuss to get everything ready for a hike up Prairie Mountain and it's an easy drive to the trail head.  The forecast said perfect, no snow, no wind, no cold.  It was a mind game I had to play!  

I played the game and I won!  🏆

This was the prize!
It felt crispy while I geared up and even while I was doing that, I debated whether I should just hop in the car and head back home.  The sky began to turn pink and it looked gorgeous.  I wanted more of this and what else was to come.  So, I just said geesh girl just get your act together and get it done!
the view a bit higher up
then the alpenglow glowed
I was committed!  It was onward and upward!  I was realizing the trail was probably in the best condition I have ever experienced.  There was no ice nor mud.  The trail was packed just enough and it was grippy.  There were no braids, it was just one trail straight up.   As it turned out, I attacked this ascent and reached the summit the quickest I ever have.  
my summit shot
(the flag is in a bad way, it's just half a flag)
I hung out for awhile admiring the scenery.  The snow was solid and wind swept.
The whole stretch of Nihahi looked amazing!
drifted, wind swept snow, solid as a rock
the cloud formations were awesome
There was a very slight breeze!
I spent about a half hour on the summit.  Two soloists arrived while I was there and I met more on their way up as I was descending.  I knew the whole descent would be easy and it was.  One last look back was in order before I headed off into the forest and the long steeeeeep sections.
I am so thankful I won the self talk debate!  

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