Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Emerald Lake Lodge Trip Day 4 - December 11, 2019

We woke at Emerald Lake Lodge to more white gold falling from the sky.  When the snow stopped and the sun came up, it was breathtakingly beautiful.  Breakfast was later this morning, it was our last day here and we prolonged departing.  But, we could only do that for so long as we had a plan in place and that was to drive to Lake Louise and X-C Ski the Moraine Lake Road.  It was not a long drive but boy did that drive pack a full punch of beauty.  

We arrived at the parking lot to see only three other vehicles there.  Oh how I love weekdays at the playground. I skied off on my waxless skis while my friend laid a layer of wax on hers.  The tracks were perfect and I like it like that.  My intentions were to pass on taking many photos and that took a conscious effort to do.  I did capture a few though along the way.
 as my friend passed me I grabbed a shot to show the perspective of tree size here
 the track is tree lined and curvy with a mountain view around every corner
 it was nice to be in the sun at times
I like the light on the tree tops!
It was such a quiet day on the track and also the conditions were the best for me that I have ever experienced here.  The sail down the hill was smooth and not speedy, I felt in control at all times.  It was the warmest day of the four we spent out in paradise but that is all relative, my hair says it all.
We arrived back at the car within about ten minutes of each other.  I was glad to get my boots off and it was nice knowing I would not be putting them on again tomorrow.  I am in need of new X-C Ski boots!  Before hitting the highway home, we made a quick stop at Laggin's where I picked up a coffee and one of those cookies they sell that I love so much.

As this saying says, I did live a happy joyful time these past four days!

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