Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Fullerton Loop & Elbow River December 24, 2019

It's time to find something to love about the day December 24!  I decided a couple of weeks ago that I need to acknowledge this day in a different way than I have the past few years.  There would be no more wanting to just disappear behind closed doors with curtains shut.  I want to fill December 24th with love and smiles.  He would want me to!  

Embracing today was lovingly done in memory of my brother Ian. 
December 4, 1956 - December 24, 2015   
It has been close to a couple of decades since I hiked around Fullerton Loop out in the Elbow Valley area.  This loop is on the short side but the time it would take to complete the distance would be perfect for today.  I was thankful for the smooth sail to the trail head and also happy to see only one other vehicle in the parking lot.  I bundled up, it was frigid at around -22C and I hit the trail as the golden glow converged on the area.
 I did the Loop in a counter clockwise direction which meant the grand views would come later on.
 looking down onto the Elbow Valley
I had a plan in place for today's hike.  I brought along my Nova Scotia Crystal 2015 Christmas Tree Decoration.  I purchased it in late December of 2015 at their factory on the waterfront in Halifax.  You can see it hanging on this tree.  While it is a seasonal ornament, it sits on my rock shelf year round.  I see it daily and it makes me think of Ian.
 He would love this view!
 At the second bench I unloaded my pack and sat for a spot of tea.  
The sun shone down on me and thank goodness for that.  
This was a beautiful spot to sit for awhile and think about things.   
 view along the trail
I arrived back at the parking lot and it was still bitterly cold.  From my car I could see across Route 66 to where the Elbow River is and it looked like a photographers dream over there.   A few minutes later I was there.  I bundled back up again and off I went with my camera.  The trees were laden with snow, the river was steaming and this created such a pretty scene.  
 hoar frost 
 This looks like something!
I swear I see things in the snow formations!
That looks like a teddy bear on top!
Once again there is a bench in a spot with a beautiful view.  
This time I passed on settling down on it.   
I love being out in the mountains, I love taking photographs, I love winter and the cold and the snow.  There was so much to love about this outing.  Even though the Fullerton Loop is on the shorter side, I came away feeling fulfilled and happy.  This is what I want my December 24ths to be like!  Ian would want them to be this way for me too!  

For Christmas we always received new pyjamas.  On Christmas morning I would be up early and I would wake Ian so he would come down stairs with me to see what Santa Claus brought.  Tomorrow I will wake early (some things never change) and I will go downstairs on my own.  I will think about Ian and I will smile!  I know he will be watching over me and he will be smiling wide!  

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