Monday, March 25, 2019

Sulphur Mountain March 25, 2019

Well, gosh dang it!  I have been curious to know if all that fast snowshoeing trying to keep up with the senior citizens has been beneficial.  I have been curious too about that globe up on Sulphur Mountain.  Reports presented a great forecast for today in the Banff area and my calendar showed a free day.  Forecast + Free = Forward Ho!  So forward hoing I went!  

The drive west was absolutely beautiful while the fog was lifting and even more so afterwards.  The hike up Sulphur Mountain was under blue sky with those wispy clouds I love so much.  It was warm, my shirt sleeves were pushed up to bare my arms, no gloves nor hat were needed.  As I was curious about how long it would take me to reach the top, I opted out of taking photographs along the way.  There would be plenty of time at the top for that on this beautiful day.  
Well, gosh dang it!  The minute I arrived at the top, a black cloud came from who knows where and it began to snow on Sulphur Mountain.  I captured this shot just before it disappeared.  The flakes were big and fluffy with not much space between each one.  
I went into the globe thinking what a great place to eat my snack.  I settled in then noticed a sign saying it was closed.  I wonder then why was the door open.  I grabbed my shot and I got out of there.
The Globe!
The snow lightened up but I was not going inside to snack so I picked a spot by the fire.
 warming my hands before eating
 This was my view while snacking.  That was as far as I could see and that was all I could see.  
I stuck around for a little while thinking the sky might clear.  When it appeared not to be happening, I decided to hop the gondola for the ride down seeing as it was still free.  Well, gosh dang it!  As I was nearing the end of the gondola ride the sky began to get bright.  The drive home was absolutely beautiful!  

Today's time for ascending Sulphur Mountain was 1:34.  That is my best time so far.
Well, Gosh! Following those seniors around is whipping me into shape!

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