Monday, March 4, 2019

Nose Hill March 4, 2019

I now enjoy heading off to work on Monday mornings!  I don't need to doll up, the drive is only minutes, my work is outside in the sunshine, it is mostly mindless and it is only part day.  I enjoyed another Monday morning working up on Nose Hill filling my lungs with fresh air, stretching leg muscles plodding up & down the hills through the snow.  Because I frequent this little playground often, I have been paying attention to what is different each time I go so as to continue keeping it interesting.  This is an easy task as "Nose Hill is always changing".     
I did not wait for the warmest part of the day, these morning temperatures were so much more user-friendly than past mornings.  I still needed a few warm layers even a face buff especially for the times I was walking into the wind.
There was much more snow up here since my last visit.  In places it was drifted high enough that I sunk up to over my knees.  I saw lots of snowshoe tracks and I could have used mine today.  I also saw lots of X-C Ski tracks, I could have used those too today.  
deep snow
more deep snow and I could not resist
not sure how the wings ended up like this
sunshine and shadows go hand in hand
Nose Hill is always changing and it looked different today.  
even though, I always love spending hours up here wandering about
today's 10km route

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