Saturday, May 13, 2017

Grass Pass & Bull Creek Hills & Boundary Pine Loop May 13, 2017

As my week was aiming in the direction of being somewhat settled, I had the extra energy to put together a shout out and was happy two friends were keen to lean into the day with me.  I really wanted a day where we could accomplish what we set out to do with no distractions of any kind.  The outcome was that nothing got in our way of reaching the true Bull Creek Hills summit, visiting the Boundary Pine tree and having a clear way from there down the east slope to the road.  
Having already had success with my yearly crocus hunt, the thought of seeing any was furthest from my mind.  I was more keen on focusing on the rocks and trees in this area along with the views.  I have never in my life seen such a crocus bouquet.  They were in abundance and prime from the beginning of our day right through to the end.
We reached Grass Pass in no time and then continued on with our ascent on the Hills. 
The views were outstanding and we took time to acknowledge them.
We worked our way up and down the Hills and finally reached the true summit.
our summit shot
The wind was brisk and bitter at times,  so we descended down slope a tad to find a sheltered spot with the sun on our back and the view to our front.  In conversation we expressed our appreciation of being able to be out in these places and just be.
After lunch we took a little time to capture some shots.  The geology up in these hills is captivating.   It is colourful, it is varied and it is most of all an inviting place to play.  Play we did!  Scramble here, ramble there.  
At the end of play time in the rock garden we basked in our glory and the sun. 
cloud coverage as we worked our way back over the Hills
 some snow in scattered spots
vast view
After the crocus section and the rock areas, it was time for the trees.  We arrived at the Boundary Pine and stuck around it for a little while.  It was time to refuel again and snap more shots.  This tree and the view from it is pretty any which way you look at it.  The lighting was better in this direction today.
we continue to lean into our day
We thoroughly enjoyed this east slope.  
I was not in any rush to get on with our day and I sensed my friends were not either.  
We were appreciating everything about this day and we were just being.
We continued on down the slope....
 ......and down some more.....
 ....and down the rest of the way....
We followed the trail down and out to the road.  I was somewhat surprised at what time we reached the road considering our distance was not grand and our elevation gain was moderate.  What added up was the time we took to "remember to breathe".  I breathed loads today and by the time we reached the car I felt so fulfilled!  

Thank you for today!


  1. I love the leaning tree picture, you are lucky to have a group of fun and adventurous friends.

    1. It's good to have hiking friends who are all on the same page.


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