Saturday, January 14, 2017

Rummel Lake Plus January 14, 2017

from lift off to mission accomplished

At the beginning of this week I began to ponder what I would like the coming Saturday to look like.  It did not take much pondering, I knew what I wanted so did a little homework to put a plan in place for high odds of a successful outcome.   I needed to just join in and follow along plus I wanted to snowshoe to somewhere new for me.  I was thrilled to find some friends to share the day with and where my needs and wants would be fulfilled.  While I have snowshoed to Rummel Lake a few times, I have never snowshoed to the meadow above it.  I had hiked to Rummel Pass so I was familiar with the area and knew it could be paradise-like up there on a safe day in winter.

We went for the early start which is totally A-O-K with me.  It was very cold as we geared up but hey that's nothing new these days.  I checked out the surrounding views before hitting the trail.  It was looking pretty perfect already.   I was excited for what was to come!
The Fist & Tent Ridge
The views are minimal early on but then they open up for a short section before entering the forest again.  By now I already knew today's choice for an adventure place was a wise one.  I could see off to the Spray Lake.  I thought about folks kite skiing there and the dog sledders running.  They would have sensational scenery also.
at Rummel Lake
see the whiskey jack on the tree to the left
We took a little time at Rummel Lake then snowshoed along side it to find where we would enter the forest again and begin our ascent up to the meadow.  There were a few trail options which confused us but we did find the correct one.  We popped out of the thick forest to a meadow which would be our destination spot.
The sun gave us warmth.  
There was no need to seek shelter, there wasn't even a breeze. 
I captured my destination shot before taking time to dine.  
dining time view
It was a fun trip through the deep snow back down to the lake.  The lighting was more appealing now as the shadows crawled across the mountain.  It was now that I was thankful we went for the early start.  I believe Rummel Lake is the new Chester Lake.   It is no longer the snowshoe destination if you are seeking some solitude.  
After a few minutes at the lake, we began our descent.  The trip out was just as beautiful as the trip in.  I veered off trail lots to experience that deep sweet powder.  When we reached the open I glanced back for a last view then it was time to....
.......let loose and go for the untouched snow......
today had everything a snow lover could ask for
I was so pleased with how easily everything fell into place today.  I have learned that I need to go after what I want and make it happen.  If I wait for it to come to me,  I would miss out on so much.  Thank you for including me in today's adventure!  


  1. You have such lovely places to hike in the winter (and year round!)


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