Monday, January 2, 2017

Lake Louise to Banff January 2, 2017

-26C With a windchill of -32C you say!  When I saw that and saw that it would be staying somewhat similar over the next few hours, I knew being "out  & about" would have to look different than it looked the last two days.  Seeing as it was go home day, I decided I could be "out & about" in my car turning today into a photography outing.  All road reports were looking decent too.  My car took some time to warm up.  I drove around the village and up the hill to get it fully warmed before taking it off onto the 1A.  

an early morning shot in The Village
All of the traffic was heading straight up to the Ski Hill at the intersection where I veered right onto the 1A.  I enjoy this road, it's quiet, it's scenic and the pace is slow.  I know early morning is the best time to see wildlife and that was my hope for today.   I soon lost track of looking for animals when views like this began to appear.
Mount Temple
I stopped so many times along this route.  I could not believe what was right before my eyes.  Each time I got out of my car for a few minutes, I was frozen even with a down jacket on, a hat and light gloves.  I had gloves on while driving but still felt like I could get frost bite on my fingers.  
As I drove east on the 1A the pinkish hues of alpenglow were turning to golden.
It had to be the most beautiful I have every seen this area.  This section of road is as straight and as long as can be and for the whole length the trees appeared to shine gold.  I could not capture a photo to do it justice.  I have never experienced a scene like this before and I thought OMG what a gift from above!  I thought that I truly did!  The golden up ahead was out of this world so I picked up the speed to hurry up and get to it but by the time I got there it was gone.
I watched the last bit of golden on Castle Mountain.  I parked in the lot at Castle Mountain Chalets to have a snack and just admire this beauty.  I remembered back to this summer when I stood on top of her on the spot to the left of the V in the center.  I know some day I want to be there again.  
I came back out onto the main highway from Castle Junction and admired the beauty along the way.  It was incredible.  I kept thinking I need to stop to take photos but there was no where that I could do that safely so I just carried on and then decided to go for some shots in Banff.  

here's a different view of Mount Rundle
I walked along the path down by the Bow River and even walked out along the lake.  Here is a shot of Cascade Mountain from down there.  The pinks are gone as are the golds but now we have that wonderful soft blue with the puffy fluffy clouds.
downtown Banff on the coldest morning ever
I believe the colder it is, the more beautiful the scenery!
I walked for about 20 minutes and by then I was frozen and my cheeks were numb.  I could not have put on any more clothes on, well I could have but at some point you have to draw the line.  I even saw a fellow walking about in shorts.  I drove to the Bow Falls view point and it was utterly breathtaking there.  This is looking towards the Falls....
...and this is looking in the other direction.
I didn't want to leave but I had to get on with my day and get back to reality.  I was thankful for a smooth sail back with the traffic not being too bad and a dry bare pavement right to the turnoff to my condo complex.  These three day away felt like eternity and I like it like that!


  1. Wow, spectacular scenery! Totally worth braving the cold to photograph!

  2. The mountains are magical this winter. So much snow. Banff looks so beautiful each morning from Sulphur Mountain.


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