Sunday, January 1, 2017

Lake Louise X-C Ski Trails & Evening January 1, 2017

When I woke I laid in bed and looked out through the open curtains at snow sitting on tree branches in the dark and still of the morning.  I thought about facing this new year and wondered what it would bring.  I know what I do hope it brings and that is a gentleness and kindness.  

The kindness we start with this new year in Lake Louise is that snow fell through the night but there is no gentleness in the temperature.  For me that means still getting "out & about" but with another layer or two.  I put my plan in place of needing to warm up quickly and that meant climbing immediately.  I started my X-C Ski trip at the Railway Station and skied up the whole length of the Tramline.  

After the long gentle climb I arrived at the beginning of the Fairview track.  Before jumping into that, I fuelled up then layered down.  It was nice to see others out enjoying this new day of this new year and all were so kind.  Fairview is always so welcoming with its rolling hills, snow covered trees, winding tracks and pillowy meadows.  


I reached the Moraine Lake Road just in time to ski down a recently groomed and set track that no one had been on yet.  It gets no more perfect than this.  It was a smooth, quick, easy Ski to the bottom of Moraine and then along Lower Tramline and to the bottom of it.  This X-C Ski outing has got to be one of the best I have experienced to date.  

After a late lunch, some wine tasting and then a nap, I was ready to get on with being "out & about" again.  One thing I do miss about this area in the winter is having access to the Bow River Loop to snowshoe, ski or hike.  It is off limits while the ice is still built up with the possibility of overflowing.  I headed backed up to Lake Louise for a walk and photography during sunset time.  

I reached the far end of the Lake and went a bit beyond.  At a certain point it becomes avalanche terrain so that was my turn around point.  A few others were enjoying the area also. The ice climbers were done for the day and the horse drawn sleigh was beginning its ride back.     

On the hike back The Chateau looked beautiful as did everything else.  I slowed my pace not wanting this view to end.  This was my first time for seeing all this in early evening light during winter.  That not so gentle coldness was becoming unkinder and I could feel it.  I captured a few more memories then retreated to my car then back to my home away from home.

When it was time to sleep, I laid in bed and looked out through the open curtains at snow sitting on tree branches in the dark and still of the night.  I thought about how this new year began.  I felt hope for a kind and gentle year and that is my hope for all of you. 

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