Saturday, July 30, 2016

Grinnell Glacier GNP Montana July 30 2016

A month later and I am back hiking in Glacier National Park Montana.  With this being a long weekend for us, I wanted to hike the three days without having to drive back & forth to the mountains each day.  I only decided about two weeks ago how I wanted my weekend to look and I could not make it happen in the Lake Louise/Icefield Parkway/Jasper areas neither vacancy-wise nor affordably-wise. Out of curiosity, I checked Glacier accommodations and what appeared was that little green box beside Swift Current Motor Inn for Saturday and Sunday, I grabbed it like there was no tomorrow!

Being a month later, more trails were accessible.  I checked trail and weather conditions as go time approached and I could see I would be in for a treat.  After 2:50 of driving, I was at the border where I had a 15 minute wait and by 8:30 I was at the Grinnell Glacier Trail Head.  I stretched, snacked, geared up and took off. There were already plenty of folks ahead of me, so I had no worries at all.
At this time of the morning, the air was already humid and warm and still.  You can see the Many Glacier Hotel sitting on the edge of Swiftcurrent Lake. If your choice is to join the Ranger for the guided hike or if you want to cut off a few kilometres of hiking, you would start your day at the Many Glacier Hotel boat dock.
Then you would pick up the connecting boat at Lake Josephine....
 .....and it would drop you off at the far end of the Lake where you would begin your hike.  I passed on the boat option in favour of being on my feet the whole time.
view along the trail
As I climbed higher, the views become massive.  In the left of this photo is the Piegan Pass area where I hiked on Canada Day.  Also in the bottom center you can see Morning Eagle Falls.
A short distance further, Grinnell Lake came into view.
Grinnell Lake
I remembered having to contend with passing by a waterfall from when I was here years ago.  You have no option of not getting wet.  The steps are slippery which means slow going.  That's OK, it was a hot morning and the falls were cooling and refreshing.
The meadow section was covered in wildflowers.
Upper Grinnell Lake was so pretty.  This placed deserved some time, so I settled down and took it all in. Notice that dip a bit center right just above the snow.  Stay tuned, I will be up there tomorrow.
 relaxing at Upper Grinnell Lake
 another view of Upper Grinnell Lake
There is never a worry for solo hikers being alone in this Park.  We are plentiful and friendly and enjoy sharing parts of our day. I met Flora from North Dakota and we did the return portion of the hike together.  We are excited to be here.
lots of lakes below me
sitting above Grinnell Lake on the way back
As we were descending, many, many, and many more were ascending.  This hike is awesome and everyone wanted to pay witness to that.   We arrived back down at shoreline level which meant the hike was nearing the end.  I was by now pleasantly depleted and was already looking forward to putting my feet up.
We crossed the creek and arrived back at the parking lot. Flora and I wished each other the best and went our separate ways.  I had a little time before checking in so strolled about but that was once I got my boots and socks off.  
I had expectations for this day, they were exceeded.  The drive from home to here was easy, the border crossing was quick and uneventful, the hike was outstanding and my room is sweetly tucked in the trees and so very peaceful.  All that is left to say is "thank-you for this day"!  


  1. Your post of this hike makes me wanting to get back to Glacier National park!


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