Friday, July 8, 2016

Nose Creek the goats

Every now and then I pay a visit to the Birth Place Forest at Confluence Park.  It's a peaceful place and holds lots of meaning.  The past couple of weeks the Park was host to special visitors.  I dropped in to see how they were doing.  First I had to find where they were hanging out.  I found a side trail that lead me away from the main paved trail.
Then I followed along a longer trail that seemed it could be heading in the right direction.
the notice
(as it turns out, these are placed throughout the Park)
Beyond the bushes, there they were,  the home away from home for the crew, horses, dogs and the famous goats.  The goats were penned in, a fellow was doing dishes, the dogs were napping, the herder was speaking with a few children and the horses were idle in the trailer.  
It appeared to me that the crew were just finishing their lunch break and were getting ready to get back to work for the afternoon.  While the goats were in the pen, every now and then the odd one would some how get loose.  Two young girls were responsible for herding them back in.  The goats, big & little, were working on the grass and thistles in this area while they waited to be set free.  I went about my day while they waited to go about theirs.
I found another long trail to meader down.
...taking time to appreciate nature...
The bench was perfectly located to just sit and while away some time.  
The bench was on the edge of the Birth Forest and I strolled through it before heading home.  
There were lots of newly planted little trees.
The goats will soon be moving on to greener pastures!

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  1. Aww... those goats are adorable! They use goats here in Portland too, to clear blackberries and other nuisance vegetation from empty lots.


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