Saturday, July 2, 2016

Glacier National Park Montana Day 4

Oh how I scored with the room I ended up in at Swift Current in Many Glaciers.  A minute walk from my front door and I'm at the triail head for the hike to Iceberg Lake.  I knew for sure this early in the season, the lake would contain icebergs. That's what makes this destination so unique, so you want to make sure you are on with your timing.  It can vary year to year how long the icebergs stitch around.  Not only was the timing right for icebergs, it was for wildflowers too.  

This destination would be busy today so as usual I went for the early start to beat the rush.  The views were immediately, and this is the first, only a minute right outside my door.  
The early morning colors are my favourite.
Around every corner, I was greeted by some kind of bouquet or another.
Early season also meant there were many waterfalls of all sizes.
Like the Ranger told me yesterday, beargrass is plentiful this year.
The beargrass was big and tall.
The bowl where Iceberg Lake sits came into clear view yet there was still about two kilometres of beauty to go.  I was excited to see what the lake looked like.  I hoped for not totally frozen.  I wanted partial melt with many icebergs.
Just before arriving at Iceberg Lake there is another small lake to the right.
Then!  There it is!  I see water!  I see icebergs!
There are three others here, all solo males.  They were scattered around the arrival area. I scooted off to the left side to claim my spot for what turned out being an hour.  First things first, I secured my destination shot.
reflections & colors
After having a snack I took time to play.  I found a small berg close to shore, my very own iceberg.  It was small but my goodness was it heavy.  I could only lift it a couple of inches.
more reflecting icebergs
After an hour and with more and more folks beginning to arrive, I hit the trail again for a leisurely eight kilometer hike back.  The views heading back were just as spectacular. 
seeing forever
I must have met at least a hundred folks heading up to the Lake.  It is one of the most popular hikes in the Many Glaciers area.  From looking at my photos you can see why they flock to there.  I swear more wild flowers blossomed while I was at Iceberg Lake.  They lined the trail the entire way once I got through the thick forest and back to the open.
After the final descent section, I was home!
This is my fourth day here in Glacier National Park, and the fourth day of sunshine, warmth and beauty.   I am surprised at the lack of snow and the number of trails that are already open for business so early in the season.  I did much more hiking than I expected to be able to do.  My intentions for this trip were a little hiking and lots of just sight-seeing and photography.  I feel fortunate that I ended experiencing lots of all three components.


  1. I love beargrass! It's blooming here in the Oregon Cascades. I hiked part way to Iceberg Lake once, but never made it there. Next time!

  2. Absolutely stunning. I can just imagine how many photographs you would have taken!


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