Sunday, June 26, 2016

Lake O'Hara a mind game

The process of purchasing today's ticket for the yellow school bus ride up to Lake O'Hara was a feat.  At 7:00am on that day, the one and only day tickets go on sale in April for the entire season, I was at my computer in an attempt to secure just one ticket. No luck, in a matter of a couple of minutes it was a sell out.  An hour later it was still on my mind and I could not let this go, I signed back in and there it was, one seat available for the entire season, I grabbed it!  Then the wait and the anticipation commenced, I knew no matter what, when the day arrives, I will be thankful, grateful, all those good fuls!

Fast forward.  It's go day!  I left my cabin with the knowledge it would be an overcast day and quite cool.  As I crossed the border from Alberta into British Columbia, it was mind boggling, just like that I crossed from dreary to delightful.  Little did I know there would be lots of mind games going on today.

The scene was pretty before I even began to hike, in fact even before I got to the parking lot.  Get your mind around this photo! There is no water to create this reflection.  It's the roof of my car that afforded this illusion.
   waiting to board the bus
I had somewhat of a plan of trails to follow but that went by the wayside and I just went and just was.  Like yesterday, I just chose to be, here, wherever.  What areas were open and safe depended on which Warden you spoke with.  There was agreement All Souls was a no go. I began with circumnavigating the far side of O'Hara to start.
    The Cabins
    looking back and down onto Lake O'Hara
Seven Veils Falls
Then I began arriving at all the little lakes. I hiked down to the shore of each.  The colors were mind boggling and in some cases it was a challenge to get my mind around the reflections.
    Throughout the day I took loads of time to admire what was right before my eyes.  
Considering the forecast was to be overcast with afternoon showers, I was already down to short sleeves and wishing I was in shorts.  The Warden did say the forecast changed over night and this was to be the nicest day yet this season.  

How can these colors even exist?  I know they can but they just looked so unreal today!
    at Lefroy Lake 
I arrived to see Lake Oesa looking splendid.
There were folks scattered here and there.  I found my own private spot and settled in after capturing a destination shot.  I spent tonnes of time here. I thought if this is it for me, I would be content.  I did not need to venture further and higher in other directions.
    what's reflection, what's not
It was hot, sunny, not the slightest of a breeze.  I luxuriated here.  I watched people head up towards Abbott Hut.  What a night they would have up there.   After maybe an hour or so, I gathered up my stuff and myself, and carried on.   It was hard to pull away from all this.  

    looking back at Lake Oesa one more time
Upon my return, I did a small out and back along a section of the Yuckness alpine trail to where I could capture this.  Being on my own, with not many folks close by, I opted out of that complete Yuckness loop.
    I believe this is the Yuckness Lake.  
I worked my way back down to Lake O'Hara to hike the other side and take the time it deserves.  I had time on my side so made the best of it. 
    ripple effect
    Wiwaxy Peaks reflecting in Lake O'Hara
    looking up and back to where I was earlier today
    one final reflection, of the mindful kind that is   
Back at LeRelais, I purchased a coffee to savour and to bring me back to a level of alertness to safely get myself to my home away from home for the night.  My mind was spinning from sensory overload.  I have hiked this area three times in the past, but there was something about today.  It could be from lifes happenings, I have learned my way to a higher level of appreciation.  I felt out of this world today in  a place that is out of this world!


  1. Wooooow Paradise!
    Lucky you for the tickets...Lake O'Hara is still on my bucket list.

  2. Pure magic. So glad you got that bus ticket.


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