Sunday, January 31, 2016

Palm Springs Day 2 Murray Canyon

As I stated in yesterday's blog post, I had to return to Palm Springs because I left a piece of my heart here.  Another reason for returning is because the last time I only completed 6 of the 140 hikes in this area, I have so much more play to accomplish.  The forecasters have been calling for a winter storm (I call it a desert storm) to arrive mid afternoon. It would be heavy rain with damaging winds.  I picked a hike called Murray Canyon from my "to-do this time" list.  It's close by in Indian Canyons, the Canyon Rangers would be keeping a watchful eye,  I could be done by noon and back home safe and sound before the storm.

Just before the entrance to Indian Canyons, I had to pull over to capture this sight. It was raining somewhere!  For me, it felt like the calm before the storm.  The air was warm & still with blue sky above me, yet it looked menacing in the far off distance.
I passed through the booth, and made my way to the Murray Canyon parking lot. The Ranger was at the bridge just before the parking lot.  We chatted for a few minutes.  As there are a few trails that lead off from this area, he wanted to know my plan.  I was to park right in front of the trailhead sign. He needed to keep track where all hikers were headed this morning.  

I parked, then geared up and went on my way.  I now remembered why I love California desert hiking.  That desert air, the palm trees, the sandy dirt, the scenery, what a package deal.  
                                            along the Murray Canyon Trail
                                                       a lonely palm tree
                      loving being right smack in the middle of the desolate desert
The Murray Canyon Trail has many creek crossings with strategically placed large stepping stones.  It was fun to follow all the way to the end where the Seven Sisters Waterfall is.  What a tranquil location. 
I stayed long enough to capture a few photos and breathe in the beauty, then got going with the return portion of the hike.  I kept an eye on the sky as I went.  The bad weather was no way near yet, so I sauntered somewhat to appreciate the geology.                                    
                                                             colourful rocks
                                               what's a desert without cactus
Nearing the end of my hike sprinkles started, then sparse showers then full on showers but not quite rain.  It was still warm and the showers were refreshing and added a glisten to the surroundings.  I still made sure to enjoy every little thing.
The Ranger was still at the trail head when I finished and we waved acknowledgement.  Then I think I saw him make a check mark on a clipboard. Time for me to make a check mark too, I have now completed a total of 7 of the 140 hikes in the Palm Springs area.  I made it back to my sweet condo and settled in with the sliding doors open, while the rain poured down and the birds chirped.



  1. Glad you were able to beat the rain. Yes, desert hiking is very different from the trails in those beautiful mountains where you live.

  2. I associated 'desert storm' with sandstorm. Definitely not rainstorm. Great that you were able to complete No7 before the rain came in. Goodluck for tomorrow.

  3. There was a sand (dirt) storm in areas and rain in others.


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