Friday, January 8, 2016

Confederation Park I never thought it possible.......

.....that X-C Skiing conditions could be so amazing just a mere 12 minute drive from my home.  Drive 12 minutes ski 90 minutes.  I landed back at Confederation Park this morning for some fresh air and exercise and while there I made sure to acknowledge I am thankful that I can do that.   The new fallen snow created quite a magical scene.  I took to the track and then decided to make my own.
looking tall and feeling high
I owned the place for awhile and the scenery was spectacular.
That's all I need!
frosty & frigid
I truly don't mind the cold and I like when my hair gets frost covered.
From the frost on the trees and bushes, to the steam rising from the creek, and the pure white meadows, plus the blue sky and sunshine, X-C Skiing in the middle of Calgary this morning was as ideal I believe as it possibly could be.   
I cherish these kinds of moments.


  1. Again, how wonderful that you have this nice place to ski so close to home!

  2. You tricked me. I usually just check in each Monday for your regular post. How wonderful to have found this park so close to you. I just love the first shot of the skis breaking trail, and the bridge scene. Wrapping it in white emphasises its beauty.


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