Saturday, January 30, 2016

Palm Springs Day 1

Ever since my first trip to Palm Springs in November of 2014, I knew I would need to come back because I left a piece of my heart here.  With life's happenings both work & personal, right now was ideal timing to chase my heart.  I arrived with loads of time to take advantage of the desert sun and settle in by relaxing at the pool. 
From my deck I have a view of the San Jacinto Mountains, albeit obscured by numerous Palm trees.
I knew this condo was for me.  No need for an explanation here, if you are a follower or friend, you will easily figure it out from the array of photos I have to share. This home away from home is bright, cheerful and colourful....from the throw pillows......
                                      the wall decorations......
                                              the pool towels.....
                                                the clock.....
                                         the hot plate.....
                                      the dish towels.....
                                                the spatula.....
                                          the floor ornaments.....
                              ....and many, many more accent pieces and such.  

I feel quite at home here, almost like I belong.  I will see what Sunday brings, they are calling for a desert storm, something I have never experienced before.   That being said, I am happy to be here.



  1. What a wonderful find. Enjoy.
    I spent a night in a sandstorm on Israel's Gulf of Aquaba. My friend and I were doing things cheaply and sleeping under the stars. We didn't see any that night, spent snuggled up against a log, towels over our heads.

    1. Unknown is Helen. Don't know what has happened to the settings, that I have to sign in now. Of course I forget.

  2. I love the "orange" theme in your condo! You've been quite the travelin' girl this year. :)

  3. I'm going to spend the night in PS after I finish a section hike of the PCT in April. Excited to check it out. I'll be hiking through those San Jacintos. Hoping the snow has melted.

    1. What an exciting adventure you have to prepare for. I wonder where you will come off the trail to spend the night in Palm Springs. I did a vert short portion back in Nov 2014 near Idyllwild.


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