Saturday, July 4, 2015

Mount Lipsett Sweet Saturday Summit

During autumn of last year, a couple of friends were game to join me on a hike up to the summit of Mount Lipsett but we were turned away at the trail head due to a grizzly bear closure.   This destination remained on my to-do list for when the time was right, and today was D-Day.  I had a few more friends on board this time, we were to be strength in numbers if need be.  We went for the early bird start.  What seems to be trending lately is hot & humid right from the start and today was on trend.  

The first few kilometers were thick forest lined, boggy in patches, yet what made up for that were the humongous amounts of paintbrush flowers.  We were teased time and time again with hints of beauty between the trees and I had enough of that teasing and was thankful when it was over.  At this point the wide open sights start.
oogling the outlier
what's not to love
We followed the trail along the grassy slope. 
We were afforded a view of the magnificent Mist Mountain.
Just before reaching the summit's rocky ruggedness, the wildflower show began. 
We gingerly worked our way along the ridge-like summit to the far end where we had a view of Highway 40 down below and we could see Highwood Ridge & Grizzly Ridge off to the left.  I picked my spot, safely settled into it then secured my summit shot.
We owned the summit so spread out and found ideal relaxing spots to dine.  I nestled in between boulders, lounged back and enjoyed this view as I savoured my greek salad, salmon sandwich, gouda cheese and sliced apple.  The clouds did a little dance while I dined and I appreciated that.
passing time after lunch by enjoying everything the summit offered up
We extended our day by heading out to the far end of the outlier.  I knew the wildflowers would be wonderful but they far exceeded my expectations.  The rock shades and formations just made scenes like this golden opportunities.
pretty purple
After exploring the main summit and then the outlier we next headed off to another high outcropping that even sported a summit cairn.  This spot was deserving of some time so we opted to settle down and put our feet up.  
When we descended that last high point, we aimed for the forest to complete the last few kilometres.   I knew the lighting would be better to capture the paintbrush so took care of that business. Now it was just a matter of retracing our steps back to the trail head.
I always have hopes for how an event will turn out and today the outcome reached a higher level well beyond what I hoped for.  I feel very fortunate when that happens and I owe big kudos to my friends because they are the icing on the cake.


  1. Nothing better than spending time on a wildflower-spangled mountain summit. You found a great one!


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