Saturday, July 18, 2015

North Molar Pass Molar the Magnificent

All week I watched with anticipation hoping the weather forecast would flip-flop and become conducive for a spectacular spectacle off in the wilderness along The Icefield Parkway.  That flip-flop occurred Friday evening making way for something special and sensational on Saturday.  A few friends were on board for a large day of exploring all the way to North Molar Pass.  We got an early start and beat the traffic.  There were no worries about having to beat the traffic on the trail because there is never ever traffic on this terrain, only a few other folks who are game to go to this gem.      

our first view as we exited the forest after about 7 kms of hiking
our first view of the wildflowers
they were aged to perfection
We took our time to mosey in molar meadow.  The 360 degree views were outstanding.  I would have to say with his being my third time here, today was top notch, it was the best of the best, better than all the rest.  Witnessing a view like this that encompasses everything to make a perfect package, I felt privileged and thankful.  I fell back behind my friends to have a private moment behind my sunglasses.   This view just hit me that way! 
further along the meadow
my meadow shot
heading towards the ascent to North Molar Pass
I was slow going up the final climb to The Pass.  
I kept stopping to admire the view behind me.  
It was also hot here too.  
at North Molar Pass
Being the last of my friends to arrive, I noticed they picked an ideal spot to dine.  I descended to where they were and joined them in admiring what was right before our eyes.  I declared that with these superb conditions, lunch would be an hour.  Not only was there dining and admiring to take care off, there was other business too.
With such a beautiful sunny warm day, then having an untouched, as white as can be, snow slope we let the child within come out and we indulged  All were game for the climb to the top and then taking the easy way down.  This is my version of what that looked like!  
it was cold & refreshing
and oh so much fun
The hour passed and it was time to move on.  For a short distance, we returned the way we came, then veered off trail to explore rocky ledges,  the creek, more wildflowers, some boulder hopping and more magnificent views from different vantage points.
following the creek and looking back to where we were
the creek
We made our way up onto a ridge that lined the meadow.  You can see Mosquito Lake far below me.  In the past I wanted to venture up to this point but it did not materialize until today when all were quick to agree with adding more elevation gain on to our day.
The paintbrush were in abundance on the slope where we began our descent back down to the main trial.  Shortly thereafter, we were back into the trees for the final push over the last seven kilometers.  
I took one last look back before putting our heads down and going to work.
Guide book writers rate this area of Banff National Park as "premier" and I am 100% in total agreement with that assessment.  I dubbed this area "Molar the Magnificent" and to believe it is only a short distance from my front door.  Everything about today exceeded my expectations. The fact that each of my friends were on the same page as me all day, was the big beautiful bow on top of this pretty perfect package.  Thank you for that!


  1. Wow - this is simply gorgeous! Lucky you to hit the peak of wildflower season. And I'd slide down that snowy slope anytime.

    1. I slid down that slope about four times and thank goodness for technical quick drying clothes.

  2. Oh, so, so beautiful. Major mileage. Majestic heights and magnificent rewards.

    1. The pass we reached is the third highest hikable pass in Banff National Park.

  3. Heartbreakingly beautiful.

    1. I thought of you Leena when we were there. You would have loved this place!

  4. Absolutely breathtaking!! Amazing pictures, Andra!


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