Friday, July 31, 2015

Paget Peak, July 31 2015

Just a hop skip and a jump down the road from our campsite is the trail head for Paget Lookout and Paget Peak.  We were game for the full deal today so the Peak was our destination.  It seemed to take forever to get to the Lookout so when we did we took a lengthy break.  It was already very hot which made the ascent seem a little more difficult.
view from Paget Lookout
From the Lookout to the true Peak took route finding skills.  There were cairns polluting the place going every which way so we just made our way figuring out which conditions best suited us.  We ended up at the false summit and I very quickly realized we did not want to end here, so scooted back down a bit then found our way up to the official summit.  This is the view from here.  This looks west to Mount Niles and Niles Meadow.
more glaciers above Niles Meadow
We opted to take care of business first before searching for a suitable dining spot.  The true summit cairn has the canister holding the summit log.  This is our group summit shot.  Yes that's a thumbs up to this accomplishment just like the rest accomplishments we made!  I liked how the clouds were formulating behind us.
so happy to be here and loving this location
it's peaceful and beautiful
signing the log book
Want to know what I wrote?
Summit Paget Peak and you will see!
this is our dining view
We could see the Naro Lakes, Ross Lake, Sink Lake and Wapta Lake.
After giving the summit loads of devoted time, we made our way back down the rocky, bouldery, slippery, scree covered slope.  I made sure to take time to admire what was around me even on the way down because it is colorful and pretty.
especially Sherbrooke Lake
What a hot day!  It reached the high 20's and we chatted about how lucky we were to be having clear dry days which are most suitable for the types of slopes we have been ascending and descending.  Even in the heat, we still enjoyed fire time along with our treats and beverages.  Nikita chops wood with fine form.
After dinner and before hitting the sleeping bags, we strolled throughout the campground.  I like seeing how others set up their home away from home.  We discussed plans for our last hike and already knew weather wise our stars would be aligned for it.  Our luck carried on.

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  1. Day 5 - a tough climb but so worth it. I'm making plans to read what you wrote in the log book. If only!


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