Sunday, December 21, 2014

My Mountain Retreat Day 3

And on Sunday they will rest!  I felt lazy and felt like staying at my home away from home today but then came to my senses and got out that door to enjoy another mountain retreat day.  Today started with a stroll along the river just one block from the shopping district as I waited for the stores to open their doors.
Shopping has its own therapeutic results and I knew I could benefit from participating.  I played my part for a couple of hours in the morning.  It wasn't crazy busy early on but then gradually, the streets filled, the stores filled, this was my sign to move on down the road.

The last time I drove the road during winter to Lake Minniwanka, it was nerve wracking being  snowy slippery sketchy, oh sh**!  Today, even though it is now winter, the conditions were late spring like which meant mostly ground, some slush, no problemo!  I can handle this.  
Arriving at the Lake Minniwanka parking lot, it was obvious there would be no snowshoeing nor X-Skiing here, yet a great opportunity to hike. The lake shore was pretty and offered up a photographers dream.  

Feeling like a tourist myself these days, I waited in line for my turn to get a photo with the "red chairs".  It was fun to see how the tourists were intrigued with these and how they enjoyed them.  Each were finding their own way to capture their moment in time.  This was how I choose to do it.
my destination shot
I got caught up in the beauty and lost track of time.  
What does time matter anyway given my reasons for retreating.
along Stewart Canyon
When I did eventually feel full, I aimed for my home away from home.
 The plan was to lay low for the balance of this new winter's day.  
But first, ended my day with a view of Mount Rundle
I hung my newly purchased Christmas decorations on the coat rack with care.
...then put my feet up to relax!
I am loving these socks.  They are recovery compression socks and feel like a continuous massage to my feet and legs when I wear them after being out and about all day.  I first gave them a try in Palm Springs back in November.  I wanted to give myself the best chance to be on the go every day with no tiredness.  They are working for me!

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