Monday, May 20, 2013

Rest = Reward

Yesterday was a big day full of doing nothing but being lazy, causing me to wake this morning feeling fresh as a daisy.  There was no way that freshness and daisiness was going to waste.   To help get out the door early, I opted to grab snacks from the cupboard and fridge for munchies instead of taking time to prepare a grand sandwich with accompaniments.  I donned what was easiest to reach from my closet instead of picking through my wares to put together a matchy matchy outfit.  

This was the earliest I have ever left home to hike up Prairie Mountain.  Stony was deserted, the 1 had scattered travellers as did all other roadways.  There was a large selection of stalls to choose from once I arrived at my destination's trail head.  From this I knew the trail would be quiet as would the summit.   Before even beginning the hike, I felt rewarded.  

The trail was clear of ice and snow and was dry.  Crocuses lined a portion of the treed trail.  Wind on the summit was non existent and it felt like a mid summer day.  Indeed, these are all rewards. 

I secured my summit shot then made a special placement. 

The trail beyond the summit looked inviting so I accepted the invitation.  At the end of the trail, you could not help but admire Moose Mountain.  Two friends were summiting that Mountain today.  It was 10:04 when I took this photo, so they would not have reached the Lookout yet. 
Upon my return to the summit cairn for snacks, I received the best reward of the day.  A group had discovered my placement, opened it and were sharing it around.  We chit chatted then we all carried on with our day.  I checked out the view one more time before turning my back to it.  The sun and clouds created great shadows on the greenery.
On the descent, I ran into old friends and made a new friend.  I even beat the May long weekend traffic heading home.  I question,  if I had not rested like I did yesterday, would today have played out differently and not have been full of all these rewards?  I am so gad I rested and I am thankful for the rewards!

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  1. Excellent photos from the top of Prairie. Surprised to learn the trail is completely dry so early. While you were there we were ploughing through snow near the top of Read's Ridge at Sparrowhawk. We did not know Canmore Hill was closed due to rock slide off EEOR and accidentally returned via Kananaskis Trail. Unlike you, we drove home in the traffic jam on the TransCanada. Good to have the season started again.


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