Saturday, May 25, 2013

"Embrace Today" Lost

Lately, I have been thinking lots about "Embrace Today"!  I forgot about it, and I now realize it has not been with me for many, many months.  In the past, it had been with me every time I was "out & about" and now I miss it.  I was not sure where it went, I could not remember a specific time when it was no longer with it.  I want it back!  There is so much meaning to "Embrace Today"to just let it be gone forever.  
Today was the perfect day to go in search of where it could possibly be.  I first racked my brain, trying to remember a sequence of events.  No luck!   I pondered, when in time did I start feeling something was missing when I was "out & about?" Still, no luck!  I really wanted to find it, I need it back in life, so went searching.  I began searching and finally, EUREKA!  I FOUND IT!  When I saw it sitting there in that container, it all game back to me.  I had wanted to pass "Embrace Today" along to another adventurer so left it behind on this day. 
Now is the time to get "Embrace Today" back into my life!  It is almost like a new beginning, a reason to find new ways to embrace every day.  I selected the perfect rock that could bare the sentiment, then chose new bright, colorful shades that almost shout out to you.  

How could you not "Embrace Today" when you see this?  
A new beginning!
Stay tuned!

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