Saturday, May 18, 2013

Boosting & Building

It took almost a week to plan a hike for today.  I really wanted to have something to show for the first day of our Victoria Day long weekend.  It all started with a Monday Musing, where should I go!  I spent an hour Tuesday Trying to find out trail conditions!  Then passed time on Wednesday Wondering what will the forecast be! My Thursday Thinking was go beyond now that the gates are open!  On Friday Finalized a plan! 

Solo Saturday
Nihahi Ridge 

Two goals have unexpectedly cropped up so I figured why not make the best of the situation and twist them so they assist me in growing as an adventurer.  Goal #1 = build my endurance level so I am back to 100% again.  Goal #2 = boost my confidence level for when I am out and about.  

My expectations were that hiking Nihahi Ridge would boost & build!

After passing the campground, the view opens up.
I was able to cover the long, flat, straight section fairly quickly.  The ascending portion through the trees was at a slower pace.  At not even 10:00 am yet, it was very warm and humid which contributed to my already ascending slower pace.  It was in the meadow area where I got a clear idea of where I was headed.  I had completed this hike once before a few years ago, but no part of it was familiar.  
I knew of only two folks being ahead of me and you can see one of them half way up on the ridge in the photo below.  I was happy for them to be there in front of me.  With this hike being so close to the campground and with reported dry conditions, I knew many others would be along later and that made me happy too.  I did not want to be somewhere all alone when boosting and building.  This ascending stretch was great for building my endurance level. 
Now came time for true boosting!  
I found the diagonal crack.
Time to scramble!
I needed to get up to that flat section at the top.
With no one to hold my hand, or push me or pull me, I did it!
Easy!  Breezy!
The true summit of the south part of Nihahi Ridge was at that top point on the right where those two folks are sitting in the photo below.  Yes, those two black dots are the two folks.  But today where I stood now,  looking up there, was to be my summit.  The sky was ominous as I looked in all directions.  Rain and thunderstorms were in the forecast and I didn't know if I could make it up there and back quickly enough.  

The sky view in front of me!
The sky view behind me!
One thing I knew I could do quickly was get my summit shot.  Once that business was taken care off, I made my way back down the scramble section slowly, once again all alone with no one to hold my hand to push me or pull me,  then hiked along the Ridge to a place where I could take cover if need be.  
By the time I made it to the safe section, the dark clouds cleared and some blue appeared.  I hadn't had anything to eat yet, so this was the perfect time and place to dine.  Today's menu consisted of an avocado & tomato basil chicken sandwich, apple slices dipped in lemon juice and a honey almond energy bar.  For desert I went with a few strawberries.  
Many folks passed by while I was dining and savouring the view.   A plane passed by too.  I always look up when I hear a plane and I did this time also, only to catch it out of the corner of my eye well below me.  I guess you know you are truly high when the plane is below you.
Feeling very happy with today's boosting and building, it was time to head home!
I'm glad to report I am making progress on all fronts! 
It takes lots of self-talk to get out there and do it!  
At times, I feel like just forgetting it all!
But where would that get me!
Not where I want to be!
Which is...
Out and About with strength and confidence!


  1. Wow, I'm amazed at how snow-free it is out there. You're brave to do that forest stretch on your own. That section has scarred me after the 'witch' stalking incident a few years ago.

  2. I read through your post before enlarging the photos. I was impressed but once enlarged, my knees went to jelly!!!
    Sadly, I doubt any confidence and strength training would change my bodies reaction.

  3. Love your bravery and appreciate your blog. I'm still working my way up to the solo give me POSSIBILITY!!!

    1. Thank you Anonymous for dropping in for a visit and sharing your thoughts. For me, it took years to get to the point where I felt comfortable enough to go solo and still I will only go certain places on my own.


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