Saturday, February 2, 2013

Negatives are Positives!

Yes they are, that is if you want them to be!  I have been making a conscience effort to live life with an optimistic view, to find the good in the bad and to be appreciative for even the littlest things.  It's not always easy but I have been managing O.K. so far.  It did not take long today for appreciation to be expressed, in fact it happened just 55 minutes later arriving at the trail head for Cox Hill and seeing the lack of snow.  I was happy to be leaving my snowshoes in the vehicle and looking forward to a February hike.

Others had been before, maybe last weekend, so the trail was defined and packed.  
Being called a Hill and not a Mountain, one might be lulled into thinking this trip could be on the easier side.  I forgot it's quite the trek up through the trees and it seemed like it was taking forever to get to the opening.  It was now that I realized being in the trees today was a pleasant place to be because there was protection from the wicked wild wind.

As much as I don't care for strong wind on ridge tops, I do like how it whips the snow into shape! 
The visible slope which needs to be traversed on the ascent to the Hill top was mostly bare and easily doable.  Once that portion was covered, the view of the next section did not look promising to allow for a safe summit push.  I zoomed in with my camera for a closer up look to access the slopes condition. The snow looked deep, there were many fractures, plus..... 
   ..... the sun was rising and beginning to shine on the slope. 
It was time to move away from that area.  Checking out other options, there was a much steeper slope which was pretty much clear of snow and that afforded a way to reach the summit of Cox Hill.  I spied the cairn and battled the wind to reach it.   The length of the Hill from one summit cairn to the other had  very little snow.
I made my way to the western cairn for a summit shot as the views from it were much more spectacular.  The wild windy conditions were not conducive for obtaining my shot via tripod and timer.   After all the tough work of making it to this point, I was not leaving without a summit shot.  I found a small spot where the snow was hard packed and deep enough to firmly plant the tripod and I took a chance and went for it.  

I finally got around to downloading the stitch assist program.  With upcoming planned trips, I need to get this feature up and running and perfected.  This is my first attempt at a stitch assisted panorama view and I see I better get busy and practice more.  I know I can get it right!
After spending about twenty minutes trying to secure a protected lunch spot, it just wasn't happening, it just wasn't meant to be.  Lunch was quick in the cold and wind, yet still tasted very delicious.  It was here that the clouds came alive and began their early afternoon dance.  Not only did the wind whip the snow into shape, look at what it is doing to the clouds! 
wind can work wonders
There is good in wind!  
Don't give up when confronted with obstacles!  
Work with Mother Nature to find ways!  
Turn those negatives into positives! 
It's all in your will and your attitude!

Oh, I forgot, today is groundhog day and she saw her shadow!  
That means spring will not arrive early and we are in for six more weeks of winter.  Thank goodness for that!  I am excited for snowshoe trips in the big snow, more wind whipped cloud and snow sculptures, of course snowy sunny summits,  and my favourite...long days of exploring and discovering new destinations!  STAY TUNED! 


  1. Love your summit shot!!! :) Once again...beautiful vistas!!

  2. What program/GPS do you use to track the distance, elevation, and you?
    btw, love your blog!

    1. Hi Anonymous, I have a Garmin 60CSX that I bought to start off 2009 with. It still works like a charm. Sadly it has been discontinued. The info all uploads to Garmin Basecamp. Thank you for dropping by for a visit.

    2. Thank you for the reply! oh that's unfortunate. Thank you anyway


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