Sunday, February 10, 2013

Building on Inspiration

I was so inspired after yesterday's visit to Ann & Sandy Cross Conservation Area, I woke this morning still feeling inspired and decided to keep the momentum going.  A favourite place of mine that never ceases to offer inspiration is Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park.  Yesterday I said thank you to the Cross Family, today I say thank you to the Harvie Family.  There is never a dull moment at this Park and that held true for the 12.8 kms that I covered on this gorgeous Sunday.

I was first to arrive just before 9:00am and it didn't take long to get my gear and myself ready and hit the trail.  Instead of aiming towards Tiger Lily Trail, I opted to go in the other direction down Glenbow Trail.  I passed by the visitor center and noticed this.   I met Bob back in April of last year.  My photo of him is below the plaque.
Before turning onto the northern portion of Yodel Trail, I noticed that I was noticed.  This was my first time hiking this side of Yodel.  It intersects with the southern part of the Trail and you can do it as a loop.  He thinks I don't know he watches me out of the corner of his eye.
This is the intersection of Yodel and Scott Trails.  It was flooded and frozen.  I scooted around the ice and began the ascent up Scott Trail.  The one and only time I had been to the top of Scott Trail was in blizzard-like conditions.  
Part way up I needed a breather.  Well, this didn't help because when I turned around and saw this, it took my breath away.  This is just a regualar landscape option photo, no panorama nor stitch assist feature used here.  The mountains carried on even more left and more right.  
This was one of the views at the end of Scott Trail.
This was another scene while at the top.
While the hike up Scott Trail was slow and hot, the return trip was quick and cold.  I carried on straight towards the river to incorporate part of the Bow River Loop into my hike.  This is where the Bow River overflowed its banks and flooded the tree and meadow area.  What a sight!  
Every tree had its own ice collection.
This is further west along the Bow River Trail.
I completed the Loop, found a bench, then enjoyed my lunch time view and the warmth of the sun. 
I still had a few kilometers from here to the finish.  The plan was to top yesterday's distance and the plan I had would do that.  Back on the long low Glenbow Trail, I followed it to my favourite place at Glenbow Ranch.  Its got to be those aspen trees that draw me to this area.  

Take me home Tiger Lily!

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