Sunday, February 17, 2013

Cloud Coverage

"Her head is in the clouds", I am sure some would say of  me!  While I would have to disagree with that, I would agree with you if you said "she is into clouds!"   Lately clouds have been capturing my attention and I have been investing more time in admiring them plus trying to understand and analyze them.  I am noticing too that my friends are devoting a little more attention to the unusual cloud formations we have been fortunate enough to view lately.  

Have the clouds always been so dramatic and beautiful looking?  How could I have not previously seen what I am noticing now?  If you are one of my loyal followers, you may have noticed my sharing of specific cloud photos the last little while.  I had a thought back on October 21, 2012 which I eluded to, that I had another idea about learning to share here.  Well, it's now finally time, plus I have the time, to give that thought credence. 

I checked through albums where I remembered there were outstanding cloud photos.  Thinking back, the first time I remember clouds stopping me in my tracks was in May of 2011 in Moab which is #1 below.  Here are twelve of the dozens of wonderful cloud photos I have.

#1  Moab 

#2  Wilcox Pass

#3  Etherington Camping

#4  Glenbow Ranch

#5  Bull Creek Hills

#6  Grand Teton National Park

#7  Highwood Pass

#8  Burstall Pass

#9  Carey Ridge

#10  Mount Hoffman

#11  Cox Hill

#12  Barrier Lake

I purchased  "A Pocket Naturalist Guide" which will now be a staple in my backpack.
It is a laminated chart showing and describing the many different types of clouds and their meaning.  
I have already been able to identify some of the clouds in the photos above but others have left me wondering.   I have more learning to do!  I always love blue bird sky days but I am also now appreciating a sky scattered with harmless clouds. 


  1. Dang you have been some amazing places! I love these photos! 6 and 10 are my favorites!

  2. You've been converted :-). It's a photography thing that you notice when you pay more attention to photos. The filters bring out the contrast, making the clouds more dramatic and interesting.


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