Saturday, October 6, 2012

Thank You at Thanksgiving Time

I share in the sentiment of my new friend that we like to be in a place that we love at Thanksgiving time and be thankful we can be there and for everything around us.  I choose Mt. Saint Piran to be that place and you can see it here, it is the second mountain from the right.  We by-passed Lake Louise and Lake Agnes and headed straight to the trail that would bring us to the summit.
Along the way, the sights were amazing!  I secretly hoped for there to be a light dusting of snow to add to the flavour of the day.   An October morning, fully into autumn, crispness in the air, blue sky with scattered pure white clouds, that light dusting of brand new snow...thank you for that!  
Mount Victoria
We reached the summit and we owned it!  The sun was very warm and there was a slight, light breeze every now and then.  If you have been to the summit of Mt. Saint Piran, you know how cold and windy it can be even during the dog days of summer.  This was truly a beautiful place to be today.   A couple of times I caught my new friend in his private moments and his smile measured from ear to ear.  I couldn't help smiling wide too!
After lunch and summit photos, we strolled along the top heading downwards to where we could view Lake Agnes below and the Big Beehive across the way.  This added a little more distance and elevation but that is not included in the final tally shown on the elevation chart below.
The dark and rocky summit was brightened up with that new snow.  It is a fitting frame for the stretch of peaks across the way including Fairview Mountain, Mt. Temple, Haddo Peak, Mt. Aberdeen, The Mitre, Abbott Pass, Mt. Lefroy and Mount Victoria.
Looking back up at the summit of Mt. Saint Piran and the added elevation ahead of us after our stroll.
Once back at the summit, we took the time for snacks and more photos before reluctantly packing up our gear and hitting the trail down.  Shortly after leaving the summit, we veered off trail a bit for a greater vantage point of the view towards the Icefield Parkway.  Notice the train at the bottom of the photo winding its way towards Yoho National Park.
Still trying to postpone ending today, we stopped off at Lake Agnes to check out the sights.  The Lake was not frozen but there were ice formations in the area around the falls.  I keep looking at how nature sculpted this piece of ice thinking it looks like something or it has a story to tell!  I see beauty and yes there is something else about it but I cannot put my finger on it! 
The summit of Mt. Saint Piran remains one of my favourite places to be.  I was happy others were game to share today with me.  While I am always thankful to be able to experience days like today, I give an big extra thanks today!  THANK YOU!

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