Sunday, October 21, 2012

Free Time! = Busy Mind!

With loads of free time on my hands this weekend, I found myself thinking, exploring, wondering, planning, enjoying!  All this wandering was related, in one way or another, to my passion for mountain adventures and how I plan them, capture them and document them.  
I was looking back at my charts, comparing how much I have been "Out & About" just hiking this year compared to the last two. While there is no way I will surpass 2010's numbers, there is potential for beating last year's given I still have two months left to make that happen.  Then again, if winter conditions are now upon us, the kilometers will come via snowshoeing, skating or X-Skiing, and those digits are not included here.
As I found myself doing all this thinking and so on, I also realized getting into this time of year, as crazy as it may sound, is when I do lots of planning, exploring and enjoying mountain adventures by myself.  I may need to do something about that, beware, I might be calling on you!

I have been thinking about where I would like to adventure to in 2013.  Cuddled in my big blanket on my sofa, looking outside at the snow blow and fall,  I spent a few hours yesterday browsing maps and books about areas in the Yukon.
 I have no idea of the whens, whats, wheres or hows yet!  
It all begins with a dream, and oh boy, am I dreaming!   
I took time to admire my stones and to reflect on what they represent and how I enjoyed incorporating them into my thinking, exploring, wondering, planning, enjoying.  While I wonder every day, it has been awhile since I specifically experienced a "Wondering Wednesday".  
I am always trying to learn and I don't always acknowledge or share what I learned. I did share a few lessons learned with you in past, but it has been awhile since doing so.  My stone messages seem to be passing phases.  I do have another one in mind already that may come to fruition soon. I have said many times before...... sure to.....
Time now for some more thinking, exploring, wondering, planning, enjoying!


  1. Oops, tried to reply and made a typo. What an exciting destination!! I have the Yukon North of Ordinary magazine (it's great!) and the author of the Kluane guidebook is a friend of mine who is taking some of us backpacking in Kluane next summer. You will love the Yukon!!! Planning the trip is half the fun. :)

  2. Dreaming, planning, envisioning, then wandering...
    Is there anything like it...
    What a great wild place awaiting for you up there.
    That collection of stones looks like they have many stories to tell too. When you pick each one up, the memories must be wonderful!


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