Saturday, October 13, 2012

A Rocky Mountain Autumn Day.......

......can be stark and dark, and yet,  beautiful!  

A mid-autumn day in the Rockies offers up partially frozen creeks and lakes.  The dusting of brilliant white snow gives definition to the mountain cruxes, crevasses and contours.  You can even uncover a small surprise or two or three.  We had the pleasure of enjoying all these treats on today's adveuture along the James Walker Creek and up into his Cirques.  
I have learned from experience to pack my pack for the unexpected.  
Today's expected was partial sunshine, a light breeze, +5C.  
We got the unexpected!
I was prepared!
That brilliant white snow creating definition!
Even though there was no plan to summit a mountain, it was still easy to get to a high point within the cirque and experience feeling high.  After a quick bite to eat for lunch, my choice was to get a little higher for a shot that I could call today's summit shot. 
We carried on further in and further up into the cirque. 
A wonderful lakelet!
Not having had enough wind, snow, sleet, cold and scenery, we went in search of more.  We rock-walked and boulder-hopped cross-country to Mr. Walker's second cirque.  We did not venture far into this one but I will one day.  
We worked our way towards the open alpine meadow.
I looked back for one last look.
A tiny bit of blue sky and true autumn colors.
The out route from the cirques was so different than the in route.  
This side was meadowy and spongy.
There was more color.
We completed the little loop, met up with our trail, then made our way back down through the forest to arrive at the first lake. We lingered a bit, delayered, had snacks and took photos.  Then it was time to carry on with the last few kilometers back to the trail head.

I veered towards the lake for another look.  
The lighting had improved.
A reflection!
Today was a testiment that beauty can be found in our Rockies when it is dark and stark.  You just have to be open to it.  I realized that even with today's conditions it was still possible to "remember to breathe" and that was exactly what I did!


  1. Beautiful images Andra! What contrasts and perspectives they provide.
    Much that was unexpected, yet so very welcoming for you out there.

  2. One of the reasons I enjoy and appreciate your blog so much is that you consistently find beautiful places I have not hiked. This is another example. I shall put it on the list. You also chose an unexpected time with unexpected conditions and these tend to be, over the long haul, the most memorable experiences. Wonderful photo set. The snow outlined rock patterns are unique to a very short time span. Thanks for sharing. I hope you make it to the Yukon so once again you can lead the way. It has been a long time dream of mine to hike the north and one day I will get it done. So much to do: so little time.


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