Sunday, April 3, 2011

When You're.....

.......handed a gorgeous day like today was, I just had to accept it and get out there!
The April's Fools joke came a day late this year!  Yesterday, Calgary got hit with a spring storm that kept me house bound.  I made the best of it by accomplishing domestic stuff I had been putting off forever.  I still did curse the snow though!  That was yesterday, today is another story!  I'm not cursing the snow anymore even though it is still there but it has stopped falling and the sky is blue and the sun is bright.  I went back to Nose Hill Park again where I could embrace the snow and the shadows.
I could see the new snow on the mountains to the west.   You can also see the 1988 Olympic Ski Jump in the middle left.  This wide open space looks like it would be easy to walk across,  I was fooled too, surprisingly it was calf deep here.  I could have used snowshoes.
The way the snow was windblown here amazed me!  I was up above first but the view down below was greater.  Who ever thought you would see a cornice on Nose Hill!  It went on forever in both directions.  I spent some time here trying to get a perfect photo and I think I did pretty good.
Hiking Nose Hill today was a great way to pass a few hours and many others thought the same!


  1. What a great playground you have :)

  2. Beautiful pictures but I am glad spring has arrived here...I don't think I could handle all the snow you get!


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