Sunday, April 17, 2011

Feeling Nosey!

It's April 17th today and it feels more winter-like than spring-like!  It's not a weekend for great mountain scenery and even if it was, I'm not so sure I could handle strapping on my snowshoes again!  I am so over that!  Still needing my outdoorsy fix, I wandered off to Nose Creek this time instead of Nose Hill. On this spring day, I bundled up in winter pants, winter boots, winter shell, winter hat and winter gloves then found a good spot to call my trailhead for the day and that's where I began my loooonnnnng urban hike!
While being an urban hike, it felt so far removed from anything urban!  I wasn't the only one feeling Nosey today!  I felt I was being watched as I checked out rock formations.  It wasn't obvious at first what was watching me, as it blended in with the scenery.  Then a little movement caught my eye!
I'm sure the duck is confused!  It seems so wrong to see duck foot prints in snow.
I carried on heading west to a part of the trail that had what I thought were dog tracks and that was unusual because they were alone.  No one was walking the dog!  Then once again, I felt that feeling that I wasn't the only one being nosey and that I was being watched.  Time for me to back up and get out of there! I was in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Some urban hike this is turning out to be be!
I picked a return route that gave me that wilderness feeling in the middle of the city!
Yet, I still felt like I was being watched!  The eyes on these things gave the impression they were being nosey and watching me as I hiked by them!
I can't say urban hiking is the next best thing to mountain hiking, but I can say,  the 10km of exercise in fresh air with wonderful scenery sure felt good!  


  1. Gosh I can' believe you still are getting so much snow! Poor you and poor ducks! And was that a wolf disguised as a dog???

  2. I used to hike that spot when I was a kid, bac before the Deerfoot was a highway. It was much more of an adventure then and much less urban.

    Good reminder that we do not have to go very far to get away from the city.


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