Saturday, April 30, 2011

Crocus Hunting

I had a mission to accomplish today!  Seeing as it is the last day of April and I haven't come across a single crocus yet, I set out to hunt crocus sativus.  I shot them before at Hanson Ranch so returned there bright and early this morning with high hopes.  Just like Mantracker stands guard over his prey, that was what Mr. Hanson was doing this morning and that's what I was going to be doing!    
I headed up the trail...
...and it wasn't long before I saw my prey and started shooting!
It was early, they hadn't woken yet, and were still covered in a blanket of frost!
The sun began to peek from behind the horizon and between the clouds and shed some light on the crocus petals.  
They came alive with color!
They let me peek inside!
After 45 minutes and a couple of kilometers, I reached my turn-around point.  As you can see it says no trespassing! 
I took a lower trail back where the fields were carpeted with crocuses!
I had a great morning out shooting!  
I was glad to find what I went hunting for!  
Now I can say good bye to April!

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