Monday, February 15, 2010

Prairie Girl

I was so indecisive on whether to hike up Prairie Mountain today, right up until the moment I took my first step towards the trail. I wanted an easy, short day with mountain views.
I got the easy, short day but no mountain views. The reasons for being indecisive were first of all the weather was not looking that great. I just finished reading that vehicles were broken into in that area on Saturday. I was soloing! I had hoped there would be a few cars already there which meant folks would already be ahead of me on the trail and that, in fact, was the case. Although I ended up passing them as they were slip sliding all over the place and smart me had icers on. I was long gone!

The sky was totally overcast with a few flurries flurrying around. Like I said, I had no views. But once up top, I had the mountain to myself for awhile. Thankfully it was warm. Once I reached the summit, I carried on down the backside for a short stretch as you can see in the photo on the right. Being alone, I didn't want to venture too far but I'm curious to know how far one could go.
I came back to the cairn to get my summit shot and by the time I got there a soloing fellow and his dog showed up. He took this photo. He didn't stick around long. He took my photo and was gone, running! Yes, running, him and his dog!
I sat on the edge of the mountain to dine where I had somewhat of a view of Canyon Creek down below. This was as good as it got for me. I'll take it! I think sitting on a mountain side like this with hardly any view still beats laying on my sofa with a fantastic view of the TV.
There is something to be said for solitude on a mountain top! I thoroughly enjoyed it. As I started my descent, the sky began to clear so my timing was off for weather. But, during my descent, I met half of Calgary ascending. So my timing was right for finding solitude. The total trip took 2:48 and that includes stops for photos and for lunch. I was pleased with myself for just going ahead and doing it and would definitely consider hiking that one again solo. I was surprised at the number of solo hikers I met as I was heading down.

It's been a busy, active last few days! My extra long weekend is coming to an end. It's back to reality tomorrow but just for four days!


  1. Good for you for getting out there and hiking on your own! Shame the views weren't there for you though!!

  2. I really admire the fact that you get out and do your hikes on your own, even with a bad weather forecast!

  3. Good for you to go out, I'm sure you are always careful. Great photo's as always...thanks for sharing.

  4. Wow!

    Great job! Such an inspiration for all us women! I totally agree with you when you wrote " There is something to be said for solitude on a mountain top!" Must have been a great feeling

    Take Care

  5. Congratulations for Canada's gold medal in the women's 1,000-metres speedskating.

    Canada has got seven medals until now!

  6. Solitude is worth so much, I am a full time soloist and really enjoy being alone in the mountains. I too think there will be a circular route down from Prairie Mtn dropping into Prairie Creek and returning on the Prairie Creek trail.....maybe I'll explore that later this year.

    1. Yes Chris there is a circular route down from Prairie which I discovered and have completed that loop a few times now.


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