Sunday, February 14, 2010

Running & Photography

I'm working on my running and I'm working on my photography!

I met Karen for the 3rd Sunday in a row to do a 10km, slow, 10&1s run. The stats show we are getting slower, although it doesn't feel that way. Time: 1:14:11, Distance: 10.05 km, Pace: 7:23 min/km. This may have to do with us taking a few moments along the way to acknowledge Mother Nature and my watch not stopping like it should. A couple minutes passed when I realized so then I did a manual stop. The distance just flies by and the run is over before you even know it. That's the way it feels to me! I'm looking forward to the longer ones gradually getting longer now. I like that the number of daylight minutes are gradually getting longer too!
Seeing that our run was over with early and I was home before 11:00, with the weather being nice and still having energy to spend, I drove out to Cochrane just west of Calgary to work on my photography skills. I love how the hoar frost looks on the trees along the Bow River and Cochrane was the perfect place to see it. I was happy with how these turned out.

I took 112 pictures and only kept 17 of them. I guess this is the norm for photographers. I need to practice more with the macro function, position of me in relation to the sun and how to capture running water. I spent two hours taking photos and covered 6 kilometers. That was quite a workout itself!


  1. As always, I really enjoying seeing your photography, Alex!

  2. Love your photo's Alex. Is your camera an Olympus 9000?

  3. You posted wonderful images of that part of the world. Nice your macro photo too.

  4. Beautiful pictures! i loved the shot of the rose hips, such a powerful contrast. Sounds like a great day, good run and then taking time to appreciate the beauty.


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