Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Photography Practice

With everything in life, practice makes perfect, at least we try to perfect through practice! With some things how perfect it is can be measured by distance, or time, or pace, or height, or quantity like speed skating, or hockey, or ski cross! Where as others, beauty is in the eye of the beholder like ice dancing or photography. I thought it timely to relate this to Olympic events.

Today a co-worker and I passed our lunch hour practicing our photography skills at Prince's Island Park. This is what I came up with!





I don't own the fanciest, danciest camera so options are somewhat limited. I am open to allowing my eyes to be caught by what I perceive to be unique or photo worthy. I do have IPhoto and Photo Impression which I can use to perk up the pictures. I am open to helpful hints and ways to improve.


  1. I always enjoy seeing your photos, Alex. I especially like the one with the geese!

  2. Alex your photographs are of a professional standard! You obviously have a very good eye and the perseverance to stick with it and improve with practice. It's working!

  3. Even if with limited camera options your pictures are professional! Beautiful. Congrats


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