Saturday, January 2, 2010

Skate Capades

Time to mix it up a bit and stretch some different muscles yet not overdue it with the cardio.   I put on my own capades today.  With a few little dips here and a twirl or two there, I etched out quite a sketch on the ice canvas.  I get dizzy looking at this!
I came prepared with my camera, warm cloths, newly sharpened skates and my IPod full of fun tunes my favourite being the Black Eyed Peas song I Gotta Feeling.   I would love to be a part of a mob dance one day.  My preference is to arrive on the early side at the Bowness Lagoon skating pond so I have a smooth clear canvas to work on. 
Me, along with about six to eight others skated in sunshine, warmer then expected temperatures with no wind.  The area is so large, it still felt like I had the place to myself.  The water man was completing his run around the pond and a few times I veered to the sides to let him go by.  During one veer, this caught my eye!  Yes, it was a large, sunny day!  Also, I have been told in the past that I have long legs, I guess I still do!
After one hour and eleven minutes, I covered 10.5 kilometers.  That has to account for something.  Although I don't feel it in my legs right now, I am sure I will tomorrow when I try to run for the first time in many, many weeks.   With my sketch finished , I sat by the fire, not because I was cold, but just because it was there.
Just like a hot chicken soup, or a chunky stew, the crackling fire was comfort for the heart and soul.  I let it warm my insides before heading home feeling proud of myself for finding my confidence again on blades!  I think I will have to add skating to my collection of fun activities for this winter.


  1. Oh this sounds like so much fun! What a cool cross-training activity!

  2. Ha ha, I love it. The verification word for my comment was BACON. Yum, bacon!

  3. skating is always fun, I can hardly wait for the Rideau Canal skateway to open this year!!!


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