Tuesday, January 26, 2010

First Aid But Not For Running


There I go, solo running again! But that is O.K., it was an out the front door of my home run. This was my first evening run in the neighbourhood this year. I went prepared with my Spikys on but was surprised to see the sidewalks were mostly cleared of ice and snow. After 1 km, I ditched the Spikys. Not only did I not need them, they were affecting my gait and compromising the springiness in my runners. I could really feel it in my legs. What I have to show for my first neighbourhood run of the year is 5.2km in a time of 32:51 which siphers out to an average pace of 6:25 min/km.

I am officially entered in the Centaur Subaru Half-Marathon on May 30th here in Calgary. Early bird entry comes to an end on January 30th and it is filling up. No marathon for me this year. I will see how I am after the Police Half in April and the Calgary Half in May before committing to any more races.

First Aid

This is the First Aid kit I carry in my backpack for emergencies that could crop up in the back country. I purchased it many many moons ago and thought it would be sufficient if ever needed.

That was until Saturday when I saw the kit a hiking buddy carries! I have work to do on mine. My "out there" seems to increasingly be more and more "away out there", and for that reason, carrying a more complete First Aid kit would be a smart thing. I found a few websites that suggest items that would come in handy. It's better to be safe than sorry!


  1. Well it sounds like you got a good run in there!

    Yeah, if you are heading out further in to the back country from what I have read so far... me thinks you need a bit better of a first aid kit. lol

    Half Mary's are my favorite distance. :0)

  2. Hmm, so Jeep isn't a sponsor anymore. No surprise I guess! Good for you for signing up!

    Let us know what you put in your first aid kit when you upgrade it!

  3. Considering the treks you do, it makes sense to have good supplies with you! Glad your run went well - nice surprise to have clean sidewalks!


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